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Smoking Cessation:
The habit of smoking in our modern day society is regarded by the overwhelming majority to be one of the most distasteful and intrusive behaviors to remedy. Smoking affects the smoker, and those who live, work or play in a relatively close proximity of the smoker. When change is desired, it is not uncommon for a person to initially seek out a remedy that is of the least resistance. Before seeking hypnosis as a viable remedy, quite often one will try the patch, the gum, acupressure, acupuncture, etc., only to discover that perhaps at best they’ve achieved only a temporary success in quitting. The reason for this is because using these methods to quit smoking entails an approach that uses only half of our mind, the half we call the conscious mind.

How can hypnosis aid in the cessation of smoking?
Making an attempt to quit smoking using only the conscious mind is very much like doing a job with only half the workforce. To successfully stop this unwanted habit it is recommended to utilize the ‘whole mind’ approach. Resolving the conflicts of the mind and getting both the conscious and the subconscious mind to agree, lead to the accomplishment of your goal. This resolution is easily achieved by using hypnosis.

What is hypnosis and how does it work to stop smoking?
Hypnosis is a tool utilized with great success in many areas, including smoking cessation. Simply put, hypnosis is a vehicle used to transport an image, idea or concept into the subconscious mind. Through hypnosis the cessation of smoking is achieved by coupling physical (relaxation) with Beta conscious activity (imagery) and integrating the desired suggestions at the correct time. Sometimes letting go of smoking can be scary, making us put up walls to protect ourselves. It isn’t until you are completely relaxed and completely trust yourself that you will be able to actually quit. Hypnosis simply helps you overcome those fears with the support of someone to help guide you and support you as you overcome those walls that you instinctively put up in your subconscious.

What part does the client play?
It is important to highlight the pivotal part played by the client where their own motivation, desire and willingness to quit smoking may make the difference between short-term versus long lasting results. There is one requirement: the client must honestly want to give up the smoking habit.

How many sessions are needed to stop smoking?
There are habitual smokers and emotional smokers, and they require different approaches. One session may be enough for a habitual smoker, while two to four sessions may be required for someone who is using smoking as a distraction to cope with emotional feelings such as stress or anger.

The first hypnosis session will be an extremely pleasant experience which consists of four distinct parts:

You will then be emerged from your intense state of relaxation with strong suggestions of good health and positive attitude. You will feel better than you have felt in a very long time and ready to take on the world. These suggestions will continue to last because they are a part of you, yet may need to be reinforced depending on your situation.